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How To Watch Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury In Canada

Paul vs Tommy Fury

After being scheduled to fight twice before and a lot of talking in the past couple of years, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are all set to face each other in the ring in one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. Both fighters were scheduled to take on each other for the first time in December 2021. However, that couldn’t happen due to Tommy Fury’s bacterial chest Infection and rib injury suffered while training.

Fight Viewing

  • Time: Sunday, 2 p.m. ET
  • Date: February 26th, 2023
  • Venue: Diriyah Arena
  • Stream: TVpass (Canada)

After the fight was postponed, talking started from both sides, and both fighters finally scheduled to fight each other last year in August. However, they weren’t meant to fight each other at that time as well as Tommy Fury was denied to enter the United States of America due to some problem with his visa.

Since that second-time cancellation, there has been a continuous verbal fight from both sides as both were pulled apart at the pre-fight press conference. Everything is set this time, and fans will finally see two of the best fighters in the world taking on each other.

On one side is Jake Paul (6-0), the problem child, who has fought six times and has won all of these, with four knockout wins. However, he will face a professional boxer for the first time.

He beat former UFC champion Anderson Silva last year in October through a unanimous decision. Moreover, this fight is special for him in another way as well as WBC announced that he would be officially ranked in the cruiserweight division if he wins this bout.

On the other side is Tommy Fury (8-0), TNT’, the half-brother of Tyson Fury, the boxing legend. He last fought in April 2022, when he defeated Daniel Bocianski with points. Just like his opponent, Tommy, too, has an excellent record and would like to win his first time in a PPV main event.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Live Stream in Canada

Fans living in Canada can live stream the highly anticipated bout through the streaming service ‘DAZN’ for CAD $49.99. In Canada, DAZN can be accessed on web browsers at Moreover, DAZN apps are available on the following TV and streaming services TVpass

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Money Purse:

Jake Paul will receive $3.2m plus 65% of the pay-per-view money, meaning his total purse to go around $ 8.6 million.

On the other hand, Tommy Fury will receive a $2m money purse and 35% of the PPV takings, a total of $ 4.5 million. Moreover, there’ll be an additional $1Million for the winner.

What has been said?

Both came face-to-face at the pre-fight press conference, and things started heating up when Tommy Fury told Paul that he would sleep inside four rounds.

“You’re getting put to sleep inside four rounds.”

He said Paul has made easy money by fighting against older men and celebrities.

“I’m not an old man; I’m a fresh young fighter; you should have stuck to making easy money fighting old men and celebrities because I’m coming to take your head off.”

That’s when Paul responded and asked for a bet, paying Fury double and taking back everything he is giving him otherwise.

“I think we make a deal then since you’re so confident. If you win, I’ll pay you to double what I’m paying you already, but if I win, I take everything I’m paying you, deal or no deal?”

After saying that, he stood up to shake hands with Fury to confirm the deal; however, Fury didn’t take it well and asked his opponent to sit back down.

“Why are you standing up like you’re going to do something? Sit back down.”

John Fury, Tommy Fury’s dad and trainer, chimed in and finalised the deal by saying:

“You’ve got a deal, all or nothing.”

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