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What channel is Mayweather vs Logan Paul on?

On 6 June 2021 ‘The Champ’ Floyd Mayweather will fight against ‘The Maverick’ Logan Paul in a special exhibition boxing match. Although the venue of the at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, the sheer excitement around this fight is already spreading all over since the announcement came from both of Mayweather & Paul’s camps. 

The fight will be available for live streaming so that millions of fans don’t get deprived of enjoying such a thrilling match of these two. Fanmio & Showtime Boxing got the broadcasting rights and the fight will be offered to the fans as Pay-Per-View (PPV) & it would cost them about $49.99.

Recently Logan Paul wrote on social media and trolled the former boxing megastar, whom he supposedly will face in a special exhibition boxing match on the 20th of February, 2020. Logan who stands more than 6 feet took a dig at Mayweather’s slightly shorter height at 5ft 8 in a picture that is photoshopped. The picture has gone viral in which Logan Paul is looking down on the former boxing megastar, and he wrote a caption: “50 and oh my god he’s small”.

How to Order Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul On The Fanmio Website?

Since the announcement of Mayweather vs Paul fight, fans across the globe are on the edge of their seat and highly eager to know any news about the fight. The popularity of both Floys Mayweather Jr. and Logan Paul is amazing. Therefore, until 6 June 2021, people will continuously frisk over the internet to find out a better option to stream the match. 

Showtime Boxing is bringing the most awaited opportunity for boxing fans. You can watch the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul special exhibition fight live stream from their Fanmio website with Showtime. It is a platform where the streaming of boxing fights are always available. This time it is no different. 

You can buy the PPV tickets for the fight now by visiting their websites. They are providing a purchasing option for the PPV. The PPV Ticket purchasing offer is now available at $49.99 only. Fanmio is also providing an exclusive fight T-shirt at the ticket price.

How to Order Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul On Showtime Website?

For the people who are boxing fans and are living in the United States, the Showtime PPV is a quality Pay per View streaming platform. Yes, this is one of the oldest and better PPV services that will deliver you world class quality.

Right here, you won’t have to compromise on the quality of streaming as you are bound to get effortless and clear streaming. Plus, there is no need to browse for the packages here as you can opt for the Pay per View from this company.

With this, you can pay for the services and you can easily use them to watch the entire Mayweather vs Logan Paul event online. Also, you must note that the pricing of this PPV service is on the lesser end. Therefore, you can pay for their services and start watching the boxing event, live online.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul boxing match on Kodi

There are over a million fans of boxing fans across the globe and not all of them can afford such a high cost to watch a single match.  That is why you have Kodi at your service which is a platform where the fans can watch this PPV for free. But it is important to find the correct add-on to watch the event.

To watch Showtime on Kodi, you will first need to install the cCloud add-on. With that said, here’s how ti watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul on Kodi:

First, subscribe to FastestVPN.
Download and install the VPN on your device or configure it via your router.
Launch it and connect to a US server.
Download Kodi on your device
Launch Kodi
Go to Settingsand then to File Manager
Now, on the right side, click on “Add source”
When you see the pop up screen, click on “”
Now, enter the URL link /co/repo/in the tab and click on “OK.”
Name the repo “Kodil”
Go back to your home screenand click on add-ons
Now, on the top left of the screen you’ll see a box icon
Click on install from zip file
Select Kodiland then select Kodil zip
Now, head back to the previous screen
Click install from repository
Pick Kodil repository
Go to video add-ons
Scroll and find cCloud TV and then click on install.
That’s about it! You can now watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul on Kodi!

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