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What Are the Odds for Cricket Betting in India

Bookmakers in India have gained particular popularity over the past few years. However, cricket betting is the most common in the country. It is related to the culture and history of India. If you want to know what cricket betting in India is, then here is the answer. This sport includes two teams, each with 11 players. To win, you need to predict which player or team will be the best in a particular match. This may sound daunting to you, but there are different odds and betting markets to suit your level and income. Keep reading our article to find out everything about cricket betting in India and make huge profits. 

How to start cricket betting?

Basically, it is not difficult to start cricket betting in India. You can read our simple and clear instructions:

  1. Choose the bookmaker that is most suitable for cricket betting. For example 10Cric, parimatch, 22bet, etc.
  2. Go to the official website of the selected bookmaker’s office. Open the “Sports” section and select “Cricket”
  3. You will see all the matches that are available soon. Choose the one that interests you
  4. You can now select the market rate and odds
  5. Add a payment method and indicate the amount
  6. If you win, you will receive a notification. 

What are cricket betting odds?

Odds are an important part of your entire game. They are the ones that determine your theoretical payoff. You must understand their importance because it will help you analyze the game, make the right choices and increase the chances of success. Below you can find more detailed information. 

Types of odds

Here are the types you need to know:

  • Decimal odds. This is the easiest and most common coefficient format. Most bookmakers love to use it. In this type, the odds are presented as one positive number, usually up to two decimal places. The single positive number represents the total payout the player will receive, including the original unit bet. They are also called European odds, digital odds, or continental odds. The best part about this format is the instant recognition of favorites and losers. 
  • Fractional coefficient. Here your odds will be presented as a fraction, for example, 4/1, which means that you can get a win of 4 units per bet. An important point to mention: if the first number is greater than the second, this is the odds against it. Otherwise, such as 4/6 or 1/7, you can win 4 units for every 6 units wagered, or one unit for every seven units wagered. Therefore, make sure you understand the above details before placing your cricket bets in fractional odds format. 
  • Money line odds. The advantage of this type is that in addition to winning, you will also receive your original bet back. Here you need to understand two things: the minus sign indicates the favorites, and the plus sign indicates that the competitor has less chance of winning. 

How to take advantage of cricket betting in India odds?

To choose really good odds from all existing ones, as well as get the maximum win, you need to try the following steps:

  • Register and create accounts with several good bookmakers. This way you can compare the odds during the actual match.
  • Keep a little balance in each area. Odds can sometimes change instantly, so you may not have time to transfer funds to take advantage of the available cost. Keeping at least a small balance on each site will allow you to place bets whenever you want.
  • We advise you to use e-wallets, as this is the fastest way. This way you can quickly move your money between multiple sites.

These three simple rules will help you get the most out of the odds for your winnings. 

Where are the best cricket odds?

Now we want to give you an example of sites with the best odds. You can start your game with these bookmakers. 


Bet365, which has been in business for 20 years, offers excellent odds compared to other betting sites, allowing you to make more money from your favorites.

For example, as on March 23rd at the T20 World Cup, Bet365 offers odds of 3.75 for Australia and 5.50 for England; while the closest competitor only gives the chances of winning 3.50 and 5.00. 


Often players choose 22bet because of its good cricket odds. Besides the fact that the odds are higher than usual, this online bookmaker also supports several formats of odds, such as fractional, decimal, American, and so on. 


It’s easy to find cricket odds with Parimatch because of the layout. The sport is a focus for the Indian version of the site, which is configured differently compared to other regions. Parimatch offers one of the most competitive odds in the sports betting industry, reaching an average rate of about 95%+, which also happens to be the rate used for the secondary bets.


Odds at this bookmaker are often decimal. However, at the request of the client, they can become fractional. Betway offers fairly competitive odds and margins in the cricket betting in India competition. These odds may not be the best, but more than enough to meet your expectations. The average winning margin here is between 2% and 3%, which is significantly higher compared to other platforms. 


Melbet, in addition to having good coefficients, also explains in some detail the difference between them. This is so that the players can be fully aware and comfortable while playing. Melbet works with fractional, decimal, and American odds. 

Types of bets

Using the above odds, you can choose any type of bet. Each of them has its advantage. Check them out below:

The best team

It is usually said that this is the most popular and easiest type of bet. Because all you have to do is guess which of the two teams will win. The odds are weighted such that the winning favorite will win less than even money, while the loser will pay more than 1: 1 to win. Note that match betting markets are usually void if the official result is a tie. 


In this type of bet, the player needs to guess whether the current match will end in a draw or not. In fact, some bookmakers have a bet known as “Double Chance” which allows for “win or draw” bets. It is also possible to bet against a tied match by taking “both sides” in a double chance.

Series Winner

Here the player can place a bet that he thinks will win the streak. Basically, there are 3 or 5 streak games and the player had to bet on any of them that would win the streak. To be successful in this type of bet, the player needs to do a thorough analysis of each team. 

Best batsman

The player’s job is to determine which player will score the most runs. This bet can be made within a single match or a whole series. Moreover, this type of bet is the most profitable, but also the most difficult. Also, note that bets on any player other than the initial eleven players will be void, and bets on players who enter the field but do not hit may be settled as losers. 

Tips for cricket betting in India

To begin winning cricket bets you’ve got to understand the game. In case you do not have an idea of the group itself, the state of the field, you’ll not get it who is way better to bet on. Here are a few tips to assist you to win: 

  • Know the team. You should study the statistics of the team: how many matches they won and how many lost, how the composition of the players changed, and so on. 
  • Compare the odds with the best bookmakers. Before making a decision, check which bookmaker has odds on the outcome of the match, winning side, and other betting markets. 
  • elect well-known cricket betting in Indian markets. There are several alternatives within the wagering market, choose the one you’re familiar with or those whose chances are accessible. 

Deposit and Withdrawal

Now that you have selected a cricket betting site in India, selected the odds, bet type, and played the match, you can withdraw your winnings. Let’s see how you can do this:

  • Open a bookmaker
  • Find the section “Deposit and Withdrawal”
  • Choose the procedure you need
  • Enter the amount and choose a payment method
  • Confirm the transaction
  • Receive an electronic check. 

It should be noted that the process of replenishing the deposit occurs instantly, and the withdrawal of funds may take some time, depending on the chosen payment method. You can see the available methods below:

  • UPI
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Google play
  • Astropay
  • Cryptocurrencies 


How to Choose the Best Cricket Betting Site in India?

First, this site must be licensed and use good data protection practices. Secondly, he must have good odds, access to all competitions, various types of bets. Third, customers’ play should be encouraged by a broad bonus program.

The best bookmakers have a foreign license, which makes the gambling establishment legal. Foreign license is outside the jurisdiction of Indian laws.

How to make successful cricket betting in India?

You have to choose a good bookmaker for this purpose, study the field, the weather forecast, the team, and each player. Knowing all the nuances, you can make a high-quality and successful bid. 

Are odds available on mobile cricket apps?

Yes, usually mobile applications retain all the functions and capabilities that are available on the official website. 

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