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Top-5 Greatest Thanksgiving NFL Games

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Thanksgiving football!

There’s something about being bloated with turkey and pie while being surrounded by loud family and watching football that makes me…well…thankful. Thanksgiving NFL is better than Christmas NBA, better than New Year’s college football, and it’s way better than Earth Day NHL. Okay, I’m not totally sure that the last one is a thing, but if it is, it sucks.

We have three games on schedule for Thursday: Vikings at Lions, Chargers at Cowboys, and Giants at Redskins.

Just because I think it’s interesting, here’s the complete standings of teams’ Thanksgiving game records:

TeamWinsLossesTiesWin %
Baltimore Ravens201.000
Carolina Panthers101.000
Houston Texans101.000
New Orleans Saints101.000
Philadelphia Eagles61.857
Los Angeles Rams31.750
Miami Dolphins52.714
Minnesota Vikings52.714
Tennessee Titans52.714
Indianapolis Colts211.625
Los Angeles Chargers211.625
Dallas Cowboys30181.622
New York Giants743.607
New England Patriots32.600
Chicago Bears17152.529
Kansas City Chiefs55.500
New York Jets44.500
San Francisco 49ers221.500
Seattle Seahawks22.500
Atlanta Falcons11.500
Detroit Lions37382.494
Buffalo Bills341.438
Oakland Raiders34.429
Green Bay Packers14202.417
Denver Broncos 47.364
Arizona Cardinals6152.304
Pittsburgh Steelers26.250
Washington Redskins27.222
Cincinnati Bengals01.000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers01.000
Cleveland Browns03.000

Ah yes, another list that the Browns find themselves at the bottom of.

Let’s start talking about what you came here for: the top-5 NFL Thanksgiving games! Take a look through these classics, and let me know if you agree or disagree with my list!

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