The days of SEC basketball being the also-ran amongst the Power 6 conferences in college basketball are long gone. In fact, this year’s SEC Tournament field might be the strongest of any in the country. The top four teams managed to separate themselves in the SEC basketball standings with Auburn claiming sole possessions of the regular-season title. Each of Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas finished out the season strong to bring momentum into the tournament. Then, there’s a log-jam of seven teams that all finished within two games of each other. It wouldn’t be surprising to have another wild tournament after Alabama ran through the draw to win its first championship in three decades a year ago. The following contains the SEC Tournament bracket and schedule, as well as a preview of what we can expect to see.

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SEC Basketball Standings

TeamConf. RecordOverall RecordSeed
Auburn15-327-41 seed
Tennessee14-423-72 seed
Kentucky14-425-63 seed
Arkansas13-524-74 seed
LSU9-921-105 seed
Alabama9-919-126 seed
South Carolina9-918-127 seed
Texas A&M9-920-118 seed
Florida9-919-129 seed
Mississippi State8-1017-1410 seed
Vanderbilt7-1115-1511 seed
Missouri5-1311-2012 seed
Ole Miss4-1413-1813 seed
Georgia1-176-2514 seed

SEC Tournament Schedule

Dates: March 9-13
TV Schedule: SEC Network (First Round, Second Round, Quarterfinals 1 and 2); ESPN (Quarterfinals 3 and 4, Semifinals, Championship Game)
Venue: Amalie Arena — Tampa, FL
Byes: Top 10 receive single bye; Top 4 receive double-bye
Defending Champion: Alabama

SEC Tournament Bracket

First Round

  • (11) Vanderbilt 86, (14) Georgia 51
  • (12) Missouri 72, (13) Ole Miss 60

Second Round

  • (5) LSU 76, (12) Missouri 68
  • (11) Vanderbilt 82, (6) Alabama 76
  • (10) Mississippi State 73, (7) South Carolina 51
  • (8) Texas A&M 83, (9) Florida 80 (OT)


  • (8) Texas A&M 67, (1) Auburn 62
  • (2) Tennessee 72, (10) Mississippi State 59
  • (3) Kentucky 77, (11) Vanderbilt 71
  • (4) Arkansas 79, (5) LSU 67


  • (2) Tennessee 69, (3) Kentucky 62
  • (8) Texas A&M 82, (4) Arkansas 64


  • (2) Tennessee 65, (8) Texas A&M 50

Tennessee advances to NCAA Tournament

Credit: Jacob Taylor/AU Athletics

SEC Conference Breakdown

For a long while, Kentucky dominated the SEC Tournament bracket year after year. In recent seasons, this trend has begun to change in favor of a more competitive conference throughout the season and in the tournament. 2022 regular-season champ Auburn won the SEC basketball tournament in 2019, snapping a string of four consecutive championships for Kentucky. Last year, we had a pair of fresh faces in the title game as Alabama knocked off LSU in a thriller. The fact that last year’s finalists are only seeded sixth and fifth a year later is a true testament to the depth and talent across the SEC.

In terms of statistics, it is Kentucky that emerges as the frontrunner in this year’s SEC Tournament bracket. Despite only finishing third in the final SEC basketball standings, the Wildcats boast the league’s top ranking in both the College Basketball NET and KenPom overall efficiency. However, when it comes to SEC schools that are highly-regarded at the national level, Kentucky is far from alone. Both top-seed Auburn and 2-seed Tennessee also finished with top-10 rankings in the NET. Arkansas, LSU and Alabama all joined the heavyweights with top-30 NET rankings. In total, 11 of the SEC’s 14 member schools finished within the top-100 of the NET.

There was a fair bit of shuffling from the projected order of finish in the preseason poll to the final SEC basketball standings. While Kentucky may have lived up to expectations as far as the numbers are concerned, Auburn deserves credit for winning the regular-season title after only being picked to finish fifth. That four-spot jump was also achieved by 7-seed South Carolina and 8-seed Texas A&M. Meanwhile, both 6-seed Alabama and 13-seed Ole Miss finished four spots below where the preseason poll projected them.

Team Stats | 2022 SEC Basketball Tournament

(1) Auburn Tigers

Net Ranking: 10 (No. 3 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 7 (No. 2 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 114.5 (No. 22)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 89.3 (No. 8)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +8.80 (No. 30)

(2) Tennessee Volunteers

Net Ranking: 8 (No. 2 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 12 (No. 3 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 111.3 (No. 43)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 87.3 (No. 3)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +11.35 (No. 7)

(3) Kentucky Wildcats

Net Ranking: 4 (No. 1 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 3 (No. 1 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 121.1 (No. 3)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 93.7 (No. 22)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +8.55 (No. 35)

(4) Arkansas Razorbacks

Net Ranking: 20 (No. 5 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 19 (No. 5 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 111.4 (No. 42)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 91.9 (No. 16)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +7.37 (No. 48)

(5) LSU Tigers

Net Ranking: 17 (No. 4 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 17 (No. 4 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 108.1 (No. 88)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 88.2 (No. 5)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +9.09 (No. 27)

(6) Alabama Crimson Tide

Net Ranking: 27 (No. 6 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 22 (No. 6 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 117.0 (No. 13)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 99.1 (No. 94)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +13.01 (No. 1)

(7) South Carolina Gamecocks

Net Ranking: 91 (No. 11 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 95 (No. 11 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 103.0 (No. 189)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 94.7 (No. 30)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +9.07 (No. 28)

(8) Texas A&M Aggies

Net Ranking: 57 (No. 8 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 58 (No. 9 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 109.1 (No. 77)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 96.3 (No. 47)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +6.07 (No. 68)

(9) Florida Gators

Net Ranking: 55 (No. 7 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 53 (No. 8 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 111.6 (No. 37)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 98.3 (No. 74)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +7.53 (No. 47)

(10) Mississippi State Bulldogs

Net Ranking: 58 (No. 9 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 51 (No. 7 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 110.4 (No. 63)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 96.8 (No. 52)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +7.70 (No. 43)

(11) Vanderbilt Commodores

Net Ranking: 71 (No. 10 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 69 (No. 10 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 106.9 (No. 109)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 95.5 (No. 40)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +8.21 (No. 38)

(12) Missouri Tigers

Net Ranking: 150 (No. 13 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 136 (No. 13 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 104.3 (No. 160)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 101.4 (No. 133)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +10.51 (No. 12)

(13) Ole Miss Rebels

Net Ranking: 113 (No. 12 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 105 (No. 12 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 106.2 (No. 121)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 100.2 (No. 113)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +7.87 (No. 40)

(14) Georgia Bulldogs

Net Ranking: 225 (No. 14 in SEC)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 221 (No. 14 in SEC)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 107.1 (No. 104)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 111.1 (No. 319)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +8.39 (No. 37)

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