Last year’s Pac-12 basketball tournament got turned on its head thanks to Oregon State. The Beavers went on an unforgettable run as the 5-seed to win the Pac-12 Tournament for the first time in school history. As for their chances of repeating this season, let’s just say they aren’t great. Oregon State won all of three games during the regular season and brought up the rear in the Pac-12 basketball standings. While the Beavs languished at one end of the spectrum, the other end boasts national title contenders in Arizona, UCLA and USC. Add in pesky Colorado and Washington State squads and it should be a fun tournament over the next several days. The following contains the Pac-12 Tournament bracket and schedule, as well as a preview of what we can expect to see.

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Pac-12 Basketball Standings

TeamConf. RecordOverall RecordSeed
Arizona18-228-31 seed
UCLA15-523-62 seed
USC14-625-63 seed
Colorado12-820-104 seed
Oregon11-918-135 seed
Washington11-916-146 seed
Washington State11-918-137 seed
Arizona State10-1014-178 seed
Stanford8-1216-159 seed
California5-1512-1910 seed
Utah4-1611-1911 seed
Oregon State1-193-2712 seed

Pac-12 Tournament Schedule

Dates: March 9-12
TV Schedule: Pac-12 Network (First Round, First three Quarterfinals, First Semifinal); FS1 (Fourth Quarterfinal, Second Semifinal); FOX (Championship Game)
Venue: T-Mobile Arena — Las Vegas, NV
Byes: Top 4 receive single bye
Defending Champion: Oregon State

Pac-12 Tournament Bracket

First Round

  • (5) Oregon 86, (12) Oregon State 72
  • (6) Washington 82, (11) Utah 70
  • (7) Washington State 66, (10) California 59
  • (9) Stanford 71, (8) Arizona State 70


  • (1) Arizona 84, (9) Stanford 80
  • (2) UCLA 75, (7) Washington State 65
  • (3) USC 65, (6) Washington 61
  • (4) Colorado 80, (5) Oregon 69


  • (1) Arizona 82, (4) Colorado 72
  • (2) UCLA 69, (3) USC 59


  • (1) Arizona 84, (2) UCLA 76

Arizona advances to NCAA Tournament

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pac-12 Conference Breakdown

The 2022 Pac-12 basketball season saw Arizona reassert itself not just within the conference but as a national powerhouse. After overcoming NCAA sanctions levied against them and dismissing coach Sean Miller, the Wildcats went on a rampage this season. New head man Tommy Lloyd certainly inherited plenty of talent upon taking over. Arizona lost only three games all season and was clearly the class of the Conference of Champions. The only two Pac-12 basketball teams to knock off the Wildcats during the regular season were 2-seed UCLA and 4-seed Colorado.

When it comes to the numbers, Arizona also led the conference in both the College Basketball NET and KenPom efficiency ratings. The Wildcats finished No. 2 in both rankings, only furthering the narrative that they are a national championship contender. UCLA and USC also each achieved top-50 NET rankings. Despite only being the 7-seed in the Pac-12 Tournament bracket, Washington State fell just outside the top-50 in the NET. Colorado and Arizona State round out the six teams who finished top-100.

On the heels of a Final Four run last year, it was no surprise that media members picked UCLA to win the Pac-12 in the preseason basketball poll. If not for Arizona being much better than advertised, the Bruins likely would have done so. The Wildcats were only picked to finish fourth, thus overachieving by three spots. The other two first-place votes that did not go to UCLA both went to Oregon. The Ducks enter the Pac-12 Tournament seeded fifth and will also be without their leading scorer for the duration of their time in Las Vegas. The greatest underachiever in Pac-12 basketball this season was by far Oregon State. The Beavers were actually tied for fourth with Arizona in the preseason poll. Go figure!

Team Stats | 2022 Pac-12 Basketball Tournament

(1) Arizona Wildcats

Net Ranking: 2 (No. 1 in Pac-12)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 2 (No. 1 in Pac-12)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 119.0 (No. 8)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 91.5 (No. 14)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +5.74 (No. 74)

(2) UCLA Bruins

Net Ranking: 11 (No. 2 in Pac-12)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 8 (No. 2 in Pac-12)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 116.0 (No. 15)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 91.2 (No. 11)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +7.54 (No. 46)

(3) USC Trojans

Net Ranking: 34 (No. 3 in Pac-12)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 40 (No. 3 in Pac-12)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 111.8 (No. 36)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 97.0 (No. 58)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +4.82 (No. 85)

(4) Colorado Buffaloes

Net Ranking: 75 (No. 6 in Pac-12)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 77 (No. 5 in Pac-12)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 107.3 (No. 102)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 96.6 (No. 49)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +4.57 (No. 87)

(5) Oregon Ducks

Net Ranking: 73 (No. 5 in Pac-12)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 80 (No. 6 in Pac-12)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 110.6 (No. 58)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 100.1 (No. 111)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +7.54 (No. 47)

(6) Washington Huskies

Net Ranking: 118 (No. 9 in Pac-12)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 117 (No. 9 in Pac-12)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 104.3 (No. 160)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 99.7 (No. 103)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +6.28 (No. 65)

(7) Washington State Cougars

Net Ranking: 58 (No. 4 in Pac-12)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 55 (No. 4 in Pac-12)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 109.0 (No. 81)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 95.7 (No. 41)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +4.08 (No. 94)

(8) Arizona State Sun Devils

Net Ranking: 96 (No. 7 in Pac-12)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 97 (No. 7 in Pac-12)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 101.7 (No. 213)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 93.5 (No. 21)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +10.41 (No. 13)

(9) Stanford Cardinal

Net Ranking: 108 (No. 8 in Pac-12)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 109 (No. 8 in Pac-12)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 104.6 (No. 154)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 98.9 (No. 84)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +8.77 (No. 32)

(10) California Golden Bears

Net Ranking: 143 (No. 11 in Pac-12)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 136 (No. 11 in Pac-12)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 101.6 (No. 215)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 98.9 (No. 85)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +6.57 (No. 59)

(11) Utah Utes

Net Ranking: 125 (No. 10 in Pac-12)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 118 (No. 10 in Pac-12)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 107.8 (No. 95)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 103.3 (No. 168)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +6.54 (No. 60)

(12) Oregon State Beavers

Net Ranking: 252 (No. 12 in Pac-12)
KenPom Overall Efficiency Ranking: 233 (No. 12 in Pac-12)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 106.1 (No. 128)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 111.2 (No. 317)
Strength of Schedule Rating: +8.56 (No. 34)

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