It was an exciting NBA All-Star Saturday Night, and it was capped off with a sub-par NBA Dunk Contest. The contest featured four young players in the NBA with a lot to prove, and this came through with their performance in the contest. In the end, Obi Toppin walked away as the 2022 NBA Dunk Contest winner.

Let’s take a look at the 2022 NBA Dunk Contest results and highlights from All-Star Saturday night.

NBA Dunk Contest Results and Highlights

Each of the four participants got two dunk attempts in the first round. The two players with the top scores moved onto the final round. The scoring system uses five judges to rank the dunk out of 10 points, then all of their scores are combined.

First Round

Cole Anthony: Dunk 1: 40 | Dunk 2: 30

Anthony opened the NBA Dunk Contest with a dunk over his father in Timbs. For his second dunk, he threw it to himself for a 360 dunk, but he missed all three attempts.

Juan Toscano-Anderson: Dunk 1: 44 | Dunk 2: 43

Toscano-Anderson leaped over Andrew Wiggins for a one-handed windmill dunk in the first round. He has a nice 360 dunk for his second attempt, but the showmanship was low. Still, the judges rewarded him with a decent score.

Obi Toppin: Dunk 1: 44 | Dunk 2: 46

Toppin had a nice behind-the-back dunk over someone for his first dunk, earning 44 points. The young Knick could play it conservative with his second dunk, but instead, he did an off-the-glass, between-the-legs, reverse dunk.

Jalen Green: Dunk 1: 38 | Dunk 2: 45

Green kept the crowd waiting for his first dunk, missing a handful of times. He then had to open the second round of dunks, throwing down a between-the-legs 360 slam.

Final Round

Juan Toscano-Anderson: Dunk 1: 39 | Dunk 2: 30

For Toscano-Anderson’s first dunk, he tried to do the Vince Carter “honey dip” dunk, but he came up far short.

For his second dunk, Toscano-Anderson failed a number of times. He never successfully converted a dunk.

Obi Toppin: Dunk 1: 45 | Dunk 2: who knows, who cares

Toppin attempted to hit the ball off of the backboard and then dunk it twice, but he failed. Toppin said “God didn’t want him to get that one.” He then did an off-the-backboard, between-the-legs dunk to score a 45

For his second dunk, he went back to the first one. He immediately hit the ball off of the backboard, then simply slammed it in. It wasn’t special, but it didn’t need to be.

Obi Toppin Wins 2022 NBA Dunk Contest | NBA All-Star Weekend

Experience shined through in the 2022 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, as Toppin was the only participant who had been in an NBA Dunk Contest before. To be completely honest, this competition wasn’t very competitive.

Missed dunks greatly outnumbered the successful ones, sucking the energy out of the arena. Without overreacting, this was one of the worst dunk contests of all time.

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