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How to Watch The 2022 World’s Strongest Man competition

2022 World’s Strongest Man

The 2022 World’s strongest man competition is just around the corner as the 30 of the world’s strongest men will battle it out to be crowned as the new king of the prestigious title. Dating back to its inception back in 1977, the tournament is held 44 times to date with Poland’s Mariusz Pudzianowski winning the most number of titles – the Polish giant has won the competition for a record five times before saying goodbye once and for all in 2009.

Now the 45th edition of the esteemed competition is set to take place from May 24-29 at Capitol Mall in downtown Sacramento, CA. 30 of the top strongmen from around the globe will feature in the competition, demonstrating their exceptional strength and robustness. And if you are keen on witnessing this event and staying up to date about the proceedings of the tournament, then you should definitely go through this article as we will be providing you with all the information needed to watch the 2022 World’s Strongest Man!

How to watch the 2022 World’s Strongest Man

The coordinators of WSM have revealed that the 2022 competition will be aired later in the summer on CBS Sports Network in the US and at the close of the year in the UK and other European countries.

But you don’t have to worry now as WSM is bringing you a live show called “Backstage! Presented by The Beard Struggle”. The show will be premiered on the WSM Facebook page and Youtube channel, hosted by none other than Terry Hollands. The fifteen-time WSM competitor will keep you updated with all the action, providing behind-the-scene interviews and recapping the competition that spans over five days.

You can also attend the competition in person by buying tickets and traveling to Sacramento to catch the full event. The ticket-holders can also enjoy a Fan Festival, a first of its kind inaugurated by the organizers this year. It will feature food trucks, giveaways, and special events thus is indeed a good spot to spend your vacation. So Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

What to Expect from this year’s competition:

This year’s tournament is stacked with the world’s best talent that will look to snatch the title from defending Champion, Tom Stoltman. The Brit outmuscled his opponents last time out and will be looking to become the first man to win the competition in two consecutive years since Brian Shaw in 2016.

But standing in his way is the ever formidable opponent, the American Brain Shaw who is determined to write his name in the history books as the only second man to win the tournament five times joining hands with Mariusz Pudzianowski.

This new edition will also feature 2020 winner Oleksii Novikov and 2019 champion Martins Licis who are running high in confidence after their recent 2022 Europe’s Strongest Man and 2022 Arnold Strongman Classic triumphs respectively.

Their fans have every right to be excited about the competition as the event promises to go down the wire as every participant on his day has a chance to pull off an upset.

Roster for 2022 World’s strongest man:

  1. Nedžmin Ambešković (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

  2. Manuel Angulo (Chile)

  3. Gavin Bilton (UK)

  4. Adam Bishop (UK)

  5. Maxime Boudreault (Canada)

  6. Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf (Australia)

  7. Kevin Faires (USA)

  8. Mark Felix (UK)

  9. Shane Flowers (UK)

  10. Mitchell Hooper (Canada)

  11. Konstantine Janashia (Georgia)

  12. Rob Kearney (USA)

  13. Pavlo Kordiyaka (Ukraine)

  14. Martins Licis (USA)

  15. Eythor Ingolfsson Melsted (Iceland)

  16. Trey Mitchell (USA)

  17. Oleksii Novikov (Ukraine)

  18. Pa O’Dwyer (Ireland)

  19. Gabriel Peña (Mexico)

  20. Gabriel Rheaume (Canada)

  21. Kelvin de Ruiter (Netherlands)

  22. Brian Shaw (USA)

  23. Evan Singleton (USA)

  24. Aivars Smaukstelis (Latvia)

  25. Luke Stoltman (UK)

  26. Tom Stoltman (UK)

  27. Grzegorz Szymański (PL)

  28. Bobby Thompson (USA)

  29. Mika Törrö (Finland)

  30. Kim Ujarak (Greenland)

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