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How to watch Sonny Bill Williams vs Barry Hall Turf War PPV Boxing

SBW vs Hall Turf War

New Zealand hero Sonny Bill Williams will step into the ring with former AFL hard man and premiership flag winner Barry Hall tonight in Sydney, as the two top the bill in an awesome night of boxing. The Roar has all the information you need to watch this event. In contrast, Barry Hall has only fought once back in 2019 when he drew with Paul Gallen in a six round fight. SBW is taking the fight against Hall very seriously and has based himself at his custom built Carlton training gym as he prepares to take on the former AFL forward. Click here to watch the Turf War PPV

Turf War: SBW vs Barry Hall fight Preview

Both players had a great career before coming to boxing. Now, they want to try the new sectors of sports. Surely they will soon become the world-famous boxer as both boxers look very optimistic and confident.

Though, nothing can be said for sure in the world. After the Turf Fight “William vs. Hall”, we will get one of the upcoming champions of the boxing world. And then a prediction can be made about the future of Williams and Hall.

Both Sonny Bill Williams and Barry Hall are kinda new in boxing. They have to learn about the ring yet. They still need to learn so many tactics and strategies to become the world one of the renowned boxers. But as they both have previous experience in sports they could really do something great pretty soon. And the fight will be one the most exciting and thrilling fights of the year as both boxers almost have the type of energy and quality.

What has been said?

Barry Hall said:

‘I was ahead in that fight, four rounds to two and [would have] cruised to victory if I had of really, really pushed,’ Hall said. ‘I finished the fight with a full tank, I could have done some more rounds. To push and put the thing beyond doubt was something I have learned.’

‘It’s hard to emulate an athlete like Sonny Bill, to be honest. I think the sparring that I’ve had, it’s all about being put under a lot of pressure and see how you shine through it,’ he said. ‘I’d have a fight at school and go home and brag about it because I knew he’d be happy about that, and he was rapt about it, you could see the smirk on his face,’ Hall said.

Sonny Bill Williams Said:

“Don’t think it’s outrageous talk at all, I’ve just stated the facts. For him to call me arrogant is laughable in the sense that he’s already said that he’s going to fight me and Paul Gallen and then walk off into the sunset.”

‘In his head, he must be thinking that it’s a foregone conclusion that he’s just going to walk straight through me and then onto Paul – I think that’s arrogant. I’ve been over to Ireland for six weeks to prepare for Barry, that’s how much I respect him as a fighter. Obviously, he doesn’t respect me as a fighter.’

Here is everything about the boxing event.

When and Where is SBW vs Hall Fight?

The fight between William and Hall will take place on March 23 at 7.00 AEST. So, be prepared to witness the beginning story of rivalry.

How to Watch the Sonny Bill Williams vs. Barry Hall ‘

You can live stream the Williams vs. Hall on PPV. Fans will need an existing Stan account to purchase the event. You will be able to watch all the cards with this subscription. So, buy the package and get all the latest updates about this exciting boxing event.

  • When: Wednesday, March 23, 2022 (local) / Tuesday, March 22, 2022 (US)
  • Start Time: 6 p.m. AEDT (local) / 3 a.m. EST/ 12 p.m. PST
  • Location: Aware Super Theatre – Sydney, Australia
  • TV Channel: Stan Event (Australia)
  • Live Stream: Fitepass (anywhere)

The event starts at 6pm AEDT on Wednesday and the charge is $50. You will also need an active Stan subscription and currently the broadcaster’s offering a free 30 day trial if you’ve not previously subscribed.

The full fight card includes:

  • Khalid Baker vs Fillimoni Naliva Jr (4 rounds)
  • Terry Nikolas vs Jason Medawar (4 rounds)
  • Billal Akkaway vs Sebastian Singh (6 rounds)
  • Mitchel Stapleton vs Michael Hall (6 rounds)
  • Willis Meehan vs Uria Afamasaga (6 rounds)
  • Rahim Mundine vs Lepani Levatia (4 rounds)
  • Paul Fleming vs Jackson England (10 rounds)
  • Sonny Bill Williams vs Barry Hall (8 rounds)

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