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ESL’s Senior VP Hosts AMA on Reddit, Valve’s Response Surrounding Controversy

Image is courtesy of ESL.

ESL’s Senior VP, Ulrich “theflyingdj” Schulze hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit. Soon after the AMA was done, Valve posted a response regarding the controversy surrounding ESL, and the AMA didn’t go the way Ulrich wanted it to. In fact, Redditors mass downvoted the AMA to express their discontent to ESL.

What’s The AMA About?

ESL used the AMA to address the situation surrounding the ban wave that is plaguing independent streamers on Twitch. Redditors, albeit wanting an answer regarding the situation, did not welcome the AMA. ESL deleted the post because “In an AMA, if the thread and answers get downvoted the use of it is gone.” Soon after, Ulrich restarted the AMA while taking some of the questions from the previous post and answering it.

The most asked question in the AMA was, “Why do you choose Facebook to stream your game?” Ulrich answered it by saying that he believes Facebook is a platform which reaches more users than any other, and lots of teams and players have their presence on Facebook already. Ulrich added to his answer by stating, “While its streaming piece is just really starting out, we believe that it is a good place to further grow the audience granted that the streaming experience is no different than what it currently is on other platforms.”

The other question that completes the theme of this drama was “What’s with the ban?” Ulrich responded by stating, “We create and produce the content of the tournament, we do have legal agreements with Valve for those tournaments, and we had streams taken down which violated a policy laid out and publicly communicated. This happens at all of our other events as well.” This answer did not satisfy anyone in the Reddit thread. One redditor said, “Yes you own the content of your production but you are yourself streaming from DotaTV which is Valve’s IP. What gives you the right to DMCA the streamers that are streaming DotaTV content with Valves permission?” ESL did not give more answers regarding the situation.

The full AMA thread.

Valve Responded to The Community

After three days of controversies, Valve finally responded. Valve stated on the Dota 2’s official blog site that no one, except for Valve, is allowed to put a DMCA notices on games streamed off of DotaTV that aren’t using the broadcasters’ unique content. This unique content consists of camera’s movement, caster’s voice, etc. of the official broadcaster. The other thing that Valve mentioned was regarding who is allowed to cast off of DotaTV. Community figures like BSJ or AdmiralBulldog that occasionally watch tournament games on their channel is allowed. Commercial organizations can’t stream the game if it’s competing against the primary streamer. However, it’ll be Valve’s judgement alone on who violates the guideline and not any other third party’s

The full official statement from Valve.

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