We have a big 10-game slate tonight on DraftKings and FanDuel, and one of the more intriguing games to target is the Cavaliers vs. Thunder. With a projected total of just 217 and a 13-point spread, this doesn’t initially seem like the most exciting game to target. However, to take down a GPP, you have to zig when everyone else zags. If the Cavs can keep this game close, this could turn into a goldmine.

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Here is a quick look at how to target this game.

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Cavs’ Rotation Tonight

George Hill and David Nwaba are out again for the Cavs tonight. Dekker and Love are still out, and JR is watching from his couch, waiting to be traded to the sorry team who takes that contract. This was the same situation last game, and Cavs basically went with a seven-man rotation, with Larry Nance getting the start. In his start, he played a whopping 38.5 minutes! It has already been reported that he will start again tonight. Tristan Thompson played almost 40 minutes in the last game, Colin Sexton played 39, Kyle Korver played about 22, and Rodney Hood played 35. The rest of the guys played about the same amount as they would typically.

With the starting five of Sexton, Hood, Osman, Nance and Thompson last game, here is how the usages shook out, followed by the usage differential from their average.

  • Collin Sexton — 28.3% (+3.0%)
  • Rodney Hood — 27.7% (+5.3%)
  • Cedi Osman — 18.6% (-2.5%)
  • Larry Nance — 11.5% (-5.5%)
  • Tristan Thompson — 21.2% (+2.6%)

The move into the starting lineup hurt Nance’s usage, as you would probably guess it would, but the minute boost is what we need to focus on here. He played 38.5 minutes in this game. If he can at least hit 30 minutes tonight, he should be able to hit 5x in your lineup. Any extra minutes would just be gravy.

Tonight’s Matchup

Versus the Thunder tonight, Sexton’s matchup with Westbrook could be tough, but he’ll see a boatload of minutes. I like the matchup for both Hood and Korver, I would avoid Cedi Osman against Paul George, I love Nance if we hear he starts, and Thompson has an obvious tough matchup with Steven Adams.

On the other side, Russell Westbrook and Paul George have great matchups. In fact, Westbrook’s individual matchup with Sexton is the fourth-best of the day, and George’s with Osman is the tenth-best. The only worry with these two is sitting in the fourth quarter if the game gets out of hand. But again, stacking this game is for GPPs only, and we’re doing it just hoping the game stays close. The other player I would target is Jerami Grant over on DraftKings, since his $4300 price tag is easy to fit and he should be able to hit 5x.

Game Stack

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