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BKFC UK Newcastle: Mick Terrill vs Steve Banks Live, Start time, Fight card

Mick Terrill vs Steve Banks

The Greatest event of BKFC UK Mick Terrill vs Steve Banks will take place this Saturday 26 November 2022. This exciting event will host at the Walker Activity Dome in New Castle United Kingdom. BKFC U.K, New Castle w’ll be dominated by a highly anticipated heavyweight battle between Mick Terrill of North Shilds, Tyne, and wear and undefeated Stave Panda Banks of Phuket Thailand.

Fight Information

  • Date: Saturday 11.26.2022
  • Time: 02:00 PM ET
  • Where: Newcastle, United Kingdom
  • TV: FITE
  • Streams Anywhere: Click here

How To Watch Mick Terrill vs Steve Banks Live Online?

FITE is the only way to stream Mick Terrill vs Steve Banks live online if you live in the UK. The platform will have a free BKFC UK Newcastle live stream for subscribers, but you will need to be a member to watch the fight live. Anywheres can rely on FITEPASS to catch the PPV for $9.99 USD on their browser, iOS app, Android app, and Roku. You don’t need to have a pre-existing or new subscription and can just pay for the PPV and watch.

Fight Preview

The BKFC UK event centered upon the two battles, among-est of the men and women fighting at Newcastle are tough-test and most talented fights in the country. And every competitor is ready to prove themselves on 26 November. The light heavyweight title is also an attractive battle between Tom Scott and big bad John Ferguson along with an additional light heavyweight fight between popular fan favorite Danny Christie and BKFC debuting Jamie Boom Boom Jones. The cruiser Weight division of BKFC will engage by Stave Ibbotson and Lee Browne. This two rival of two corner will be the nucleas of the easier weight division. In the welterweight division Ohris Fishgold, native of UK looks his first BKFC title victory against Liam Wilson. Faulkner and Daniel Robson may be the magical character of the BKFC event.

In the woman’s flyweight section Mathilda Wilson and Melania Shah may be the new character. BKFC event would be their first debut stage. The victory of the Perry over page Culminated in a rare sixth round, as the judge’s scorecards tallied a draw after the five memorable stages. David Feldman the president of BKFC sutlers that The spectators of the globe in last august the six round battle between Mike Perry and Michel Page enjoy’s ever of the year. as same as, they will also thrilled by battle between Mike Terrill and Steve Banks. Mick Terrill formally an English fighters who has a enormous record on fighting. He is an ex heavyweight and lightweight champions. Meanwhile Steven Banks popularly known as panda who is also an American Heavyweight fighters who belongs a good record and performance to fight. Mick Terrill’s first debut was in 14th January in 2017. Steve Banks great wins against Akbar Karimi will be tonic for him to his BKFC event.

Earlier this month the panda Banks obtained his second win over akber karimi, but his time the two fighters fought it out bare knuckle at BKFC Thailand. The BKFC event is Newcastle w’ll also be amusing event , undoubtedly and the audience will enjoy a thrilling moment when the two gaint namely Mike Terrill and Steve Bank’s face each other.

Fight Card

Main card

  • BKFC heavyweight title eliminator: Mick Terrill vs. Steven Banks
  • BKFC-UK cruiserweight title: Anthony Holmes vs. Darren Hendry
  • Danny Christie vs. Darren Godfrey
  • Will Cairns vs. Liam Wilson
  • Tom Scott vs. John Ferguson
  • Billy Hawthorn vs. Lee Browne
  • David Round vs. Nathan Owens


  • Lewis Keen vs. Lewy Sherriff
  • Mathilda Wilson vs. Melanie Shah
  • Agi Faulkner vs. Dan Robson

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