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5 Reasons to Bet Online This March Madness

As COVID-19 swept the globe, millions of infected fans and experts are left to wonder, will the sports community ever be the same? Sadly, with the lockdown that started exactly a year ago, sports was one of the areas that were greatly affected by the pandemic. However, there is no reason to panic. 

With the upcoming NCAA March Madness, there is hope (to the basketball fanatics, at least) with your bets finally winning the odds.

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Credit: Tyler Tjomsland/Spokeman

Higher Profits and Returns this Season

One of the best reasons to bet is money. It’s easy, quick, fast, and if done legally, more winnings. Betting is an easy way to get money. Although it is a game, NCAA March Madness is the best game you can bet on. When the world of basketball took a break from the world during the pandemic, and games and tournaments were canceled (in bigger words, halted), fans were then antsy with anticipation of when the next games would open. 

This means that there are more odds to consider. With the odds are more bets, and more bets means more chances of winning. It’s just simple math. More and more people are getting ready to bet or already cast their bets this March Madness as teams are sprouting up for the win, especially the Zag’s. 

This is definitely the best time to start betting on that top team that is catching your eye (I hope it’s not just the Zag’s. We love a Cinderella moment).

Online Sports Betting is Fast

With everything now online, sports betting can be done faster than it was before. In the old times, when you bet, you gather around the house of someone, watch the game online, play until the game ends, or you go to a venue, pay the ticket, watch the game, and boom – you either win or lose (much to your ego when you lose). 

You bet on these games just for the hell of it, and it doesn’t matter what team it is as long as you bet. Nowadays, online betting is done online, and so are the updates to your chosen team scores. There is no more gathering, no more waiting at the arena, no more watching the game; you just place your bet (through smartly finding the best team to bet) and wait. How convenient. 

To Celebrate the Resumption of Basketball Games

Even though the pandemic is still existent, everything we know of is going back to normalcy (new normal, at least), which means that the games will resume. And we owe it to ourselves a little pleasure and bet on our beloved teams this season. Last year, there weren’t any games and tournaments. 

It nearly made the sports world bleak and sad. With its resumption to the media and tournaments’ return, it’s a nice chance to bet on your teams. Think of it as a little celebration that you can finally resume your indulgences – only this time, it’s betting on basketball.

Destress and Enjoyment

Pandemic? Do not panic! The sheer pressure of surviving the pandemic took a toll on us, especially the basketball fans, who had none, but the ball. With modern technology, internet accessibility, and smartphones, we can now enjoy betting and playing against our friends for our leisure. 

This is also a chance for fans and experts to team up together over the teams who are sure to win. So, there’s no one on the losing side in this matter. We are all in this together, literally and figurativelY.

Everything is Online

Since the start of online sports betting (real sports betting), the NCAA and NBA’s whole fandom have lost their cool and just bet relentlessly on their favorite teams. This paved the way for websites to open their doors and started more ways to bet online. This opened the door for fans and experts to finally use their smartphones to see the latest scores, current odds, and updated odds of teams that will win and lose. 

It also gave a sense of convenience. There are many ways of joining NCAA betting online websites. You can join through friends who have an account, experts who vouch for these certain websites or find reputable ones online with just a simple search. There’s an endless round of possibilities and options, all of these online.


Despite the whole shenanigan of betting and sports itself, It’s not so bad to do it once in a while. Betting is a fun way to release your stress and support your favorite basketball team. Nothing defeats the sense of fulfillment through winning a bet. The thrill, the anticipation, it’s what you, as a bettor, are always looking for. So don’t be a hard-up. Go bet on that team. You deserve it.

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