Following the Boston Celtics winning the NBA Championship and the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery being decided, the Atlanta Hawks hold the number one overall pick. While last year’s draft was set in stone with who was going number one, with Victor Wembanyama, the 2024 NBA Draft is a little less predictable, with mock drafts being all over the place.

With an influx of foreign talent in the draft, the Hawks can go a number of ways in bolstering their young corps. Alex Sarr, Reed Sheppard, Zaccharie Risacher and Matas Buzelis all have a case to be the number one pick. Can players like Dalton Knecht, Donovan Clingan and Zach Edey, who all had a strong NCAA Tournament, work their way into the conversation as well? With that being said, let’s take a look at where you can see the future of NBA end up on the NBA mock draft, as well as a rough player comparison for each pick.

Updated 2024 NBA Mock Draft and Player Comparisons

1. Atlanta Hawks – Alex Sarr – France

The Atlanta Hawks have an opportunity to do two things here in this 2024 NBA Mock Draft. 1. Have their pick of anyone in the draft to partner with Trae Young/Dejounte Murray and get back to the playoffs. 2. Trade out of the number one pick to collect assets to build longer term. Going the Spurs route, the Hawks elect to pick from France to take Alex Sarr.

Sarr should be able to instantly make an impact on the defensive side of the ball while providing slashing and a little bit of shooting for Atlanta. The Hawks registered the fourth-worst defensive rating in the league last season, so adding a 7-4 wingspanned Sarr will be sure to help.

Player Comparison: Jaren Jackson Jr.

2. Washington Wizards – Reed Sheppard – Kentucky

The Washington Wizards need some sort of consistency if they want to successfully rebuild. Given what we saw at Kentucky, it makes sense that Reed Sheppard can slide into the starting point guard spot. Sheppard brings a strong defensive presence, who should be able to give any guard in the league trouble. We know that shots are going to go to Jordan Poole and Kyle Kuzma, so having someone distribute the ball at a high level will undoubtedly play a factor. Close to a 50% three-point shooter, Sheppard is ready to knock down any shot he gets as well.

Player Comparison: Derrick White

3. Houston Rockets – Zaccharie Risacher – France

The second Frenchman to be taken off the board is Zaccharie Risacher. The top complaint about him is that he needs to continue to develop his offensive game to really make a lasting impact in the NBA, but the defense is a different story. Risacher is a stalwart on the defensive side of the ball, something that can turn the 10th best defense in the NFL into a top 5 defense. If Houston decides to move on from Dillon Brooks, Risacher and Cam Whitmore will certainly compete for a starting spot as Houston continues to project up.

Player Comparison: Harrison Barnes

4. San Antonio Spurs – Rob Dillingham – Kentucky

This is a major spot for the Spurs. With two lottery picks, San Antonio may be able to trade up if they see someone that they love. If they do in fact stay at four, I think that they have to go with a bonafide scorer to help Wembanyama out. That player is Rob Dillingham. This 2024 NBA Mock Draft may be higher on Dillingham than most, but his ability to score off of the dribble and from anywhere on the court is as good as anyone in the NBA. Drafting Dillingham will take some of the weight off of the shoulders of Wembanyama. His ability to score in isolation, along with his improving playmaking should give the Spurs a fun piece to play with in the midst of their rebuild.

Player Comparison: Lou Williams

5. Detroit Pistons – Cody Williams – Colorado

While Cody Williams’ season was up and down with injuries this season, his potential is undeniable. Adding him to a corps of Cade Cunningham and Ausar Thompson should provide an instant impact both offensively and defensively. At 6-6 with a 7-1 wingspan, Williams has the size to make an impact on both the inside and outside of both sides of the ball. Williams might have the highest potential of anyone in the draft and adding him to the worst team in the NBA will keep their rebuild strong.

Player Comparison: Brandon Ingram

6. Charlotte Hornets – Donovan Clingan – UConn

Many people have Donovan Clingan as a possible first-overall pick, but to me, he is a little one-dimensional to be the top pick. Clingan succeeds on the defensive side of the ball, providing a strong rim-protecting presence. With the injury to Mark Williams this season, Charlotte is in desperate need of a center. A proven winner, Clingan should play well in the pick-and-roll with LaMelo Ball and should improve the second-worst defense in the NBA last season.

Player Comparison: Marc Gasol

7. Portland Trail Blazers – Stephon Castle – UConn

The second UConn player off of the board and another proven winner, Stephon Castle goes to the Portland Trailblazers. Castle is a guard in a forwards body, who can realistically do it all. While his offensive game needs some work, that should not be too big of a problem with Scott Henderson, Anfernee Simons and Shaedon Sharpe on the roster. With four strong guards, Castle could be moved to the bench, or play the three. Either way, Portland is getting a do-it-all player who will instantly provide impact on both sides of the ball.

Player Comparison: Andre Iguodala

8. San Antonio Spurs – Dalton Knecht – Tennessee

While the Spurs are likely to continue to go young in the NBA Draft, seeing Dalton Knecht available at eight should be eye-popping. Knecht is an elite scorer, who can score from anywhere on the court. His defensive game needs work, but with Wembanyama on the team, it should not be that big of a problem immediately. Partnering Knecht with Dillingham should provide incredible scoring all over the court. It is weird to say this, but given his age, adding Knecht to the Spurs should help to give some leadership.

Player Comparison: Khris Middleton

9. Memphis Grizzlies – Matas Buzelis – G-League Ignite

This a prime spot for Memphis to trade back, as injuries decimated their season last year. For this 202 NBA Mock Draft, they stay in this spot and take the best player available. Matas Buzelis should be able to slide into the power forward spot and provide a strong offensive game for the Grizzlies. With Desmond Bane and Ja Morant coming back, scoring is not a strong need for the Grizzlies. Buzelis can play anywhere on defense and has the ability to hit shots. The G-League Ignite alum can also create his own shot when needed.

Player Comparison: Lamar Odom

10. Utah Jazz – Devin Carter – Providence

The Utah Jazz were dead last in defensive rating last season, so adding the best defensive guard in the draft makes complete sense. Carter was a stalwart against opposing guards in the Big East last season, being awarded with the Player of the Year in the conference. Carter can provide strong defense off of the bench in place of Colin Sexton. With Lauri Markkanen and John Collins being able to step out, as well as work inside, creating a pick-and-roll duo, Utah will improve on both sides of the ball with Carter.

Player Comparison: Jrue Holiday

11. Chicago Bulls – Ron Holland – G-League Ignite

Chicago has to commit to a rebuild soon and once they trade DeMar DeRozan and Zach Lavine, they will need a huge upside player in this draft. Holland brings a strong defensive presence with an abundance of athleticism. Given that Chicago goes into a full-on rebuild, building around Holland will be a great start to starting over.

Player Comparison: Josh Jackson

12. Oklahoma City Thunder – Tidjane Salaun – France

After coming off of a number one seed in the west last season and recently trading for Alex Caruso, the Thunder can go a number of ways here. I think that this a prime spot to trade, but if they don’t, Salaun is the rawest player in the draft. Taking him here can allow Salaun to develop in the G-League and pay off for the Thunder in the future. His hustle and versatility are strong signs to an NBA career.

Player Comparison: Michael Porter Jr.

13. Sacramento Kings – Nikola Topic – Serbia

At 6-5, Nikola Topic is a strong candidate to play big and physical alongside De’Aaron Fox at the off guard. Topic is able to work around the court to find his shot, as well as get his players open. With a strong passing game and good enough feet to switch on defense, Topic should be able to get the Kings back to the playoffs. Add in the fact that he has played professionally in Serbia and the Kings are getting a pro-ready guard.

Player Comparison: Goran Dragic

14. Portland Trailblazers – Tristan Da Silva – Colorado

Tristan Da Silva is ready to be an NBA player. As a strong wing, Da Silva doesn’t really dominate in any facet in the game, but rather is a strong all-around player. Drafting Da Silva gives Chauncey Billups and the Trailblazers some stability on the wing. He plays great off-the-ball defense and his ability to knock down a three, will give Scott Henderson a lane to work with.

Player Comparison: Kyle Anderson

15. Miami Heat – Bobi Klintman – Sweden

The Miami Heat add Swedish wing Bobi Klintman in the middle of the first round here. Similar to Jimmy Butler, Klintman provides strong play on the defensive side of the ball and has a strong mentality. Klintman is going to need some time to develop, but his ability lock down on defense will get him playing time. Learning from Butler will help Klintman improve his offensive skills for years to come.

Player Comparison: Nic Batum

16. Philadelphia 76ers – Ja’Kobe Walter – Baylor

While Walter had an up-and-down freshman year at Baylor, his strong scoring and shooting ability can help Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey when the 76ers scoring is in a rut. Walter his a strong mental game and is a dawg when it comes down to one-on-one play. Walter wants to win and he can get hot – the 76ers get a sleeper of a player late in the middle of the first round.

Player Comparison: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

17. Los Angeles Lakers – Jared McCain – Duke

With J.J. Redick taking over as their new head coach, I think it makes for him to pick form his alma mater to take a player that features his best skill shooting. You can never have too many shooters around LeBron James. McCain played well last season and he should provide excitement with his ability to get hot from three in LA.

Player Comparison: Seth Curry

18. Orlando Magic – Bub Carrington – Pittsburgh

The Magic can go a number of ways here with who they draft. I really like Bub Carrington out of Pittsburgh here, as his scoring ability can help to take some pressure off of Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner. As we saw in the playoffs, the Magic struggled from three. With Carrington’s ability to get hot from anywhere on the field, the Magic will love the pick.

Player Comparison: Joe Johnson

19. Toronto Raptors – Zach Edey – Purdue

If I were the Toronto Raptors, I’d be ecstatic if Zach Edey drops to 19. Bringing the hometown kid into the starting lineup will be ignition to recapturing the playoffs. The Raptors are in need of a strong defensive rim protector and someone who can clear the paint out on offense. Edey checks both of those boxes off. The fanbase should surely get behind this pick and pump some adrenaline back into the one-time NBA champions.

Player Comparison: Ivica Zubac

20. Cleveland Cavaliers – Isaiah Collier – USC

With the uncertainty surrounding both guard positions in Cleveland, I think taking a guard at this point in the 2024 NBA Mock Draft gives them a fail-safe if either Darius Garland or Donovan Mitchell were to leave. Collier is a strong physical guard, who likes getting shots up. His athleticism and dawg mentality should give Cleveland a jolt to an offense that disappointed in the playoffs.

Player Comparison: Dion Waiters

21. New Orleans Pelicans – Yves Missi – Baylor

Yves Missi is a high-motor big man who can fly down the lane and finish with exciting highlights. Not only does Missi want to rip the rim off, but he excels at defending the rim as well. The Pelicans missed on Jaxson Hayes and have an obvious need at the center position. Look for Missi to make a big splash as New Orleans is a player or two away from mid-seed in the West.

Player Comparison: Jaxson Hayes

22. Phoenix Suns – Tyler Kolek – Marquette

Kolek is shooting up draft boards due to his leadership and performance in pre-draft combines. Kolek excels at getting teammates open, as well as taking over when he needs to. With a little Steve Nash in his game, Kolek should be able to lead the Suns bench unit on both offense and defense. While he lacks a little bit in size, he more than makes for in IQ, something to help the Suns reach their full potential.

Player Comparison: Kirk Hinrich

23. Milwaukee Bucks – Kel’el Ware – Indiana

Milwaukee’s defense looked like a shell of its former self last season. While injuries had to do with it, the Bucks aren’t getting any younger. Brook Lopez may be on the move in the offseason, so drafting depth at center is not the worst move here. I think the Bucks find a vet before Ware starts, but his ability to protect the rim and stretch the court is a little Lopez-esque.

Player Comparison: Myles Turner

24. New York Knicks – Johnny Furphy – Kansas

With the Knicks recently trading for Mikal Bridges, I think they can take a project at this spot in the 2024 NBA Mock Draft. Johnny Furphy is extremely raw, but he provides great length and versatility. Furphy may be able to see the court early in his rookie season due to his strong shooting ability. Three-point shooting off of the bench is never a bad thing. With the Knicks gearing up for another deep playoff run, shooting should be a top priority.

Player Comparison: Doug McDermott

25. New York Knicks – Baylor Scheierman – Creighton

With an absence of picks in the future, the Knicks need to make every pick they have count. Similar to taking Furphy the pick before, Scheierman brings a strong shooting ability, as well as rebounding. Scheierman is an experienced forward, who can provide leadership and crafty scoring when needed.

Player Comparison: Sam Hauser

26. Washington Wizards – K.J. Simpson – Colorado

After taking Reed Sheppard with the second overall pick, I think that the Wizards can double up on their point guard position. Tyus Jones is not the player who is going to bring the Wizards over the top, so continuing to move forward with youth should be the move. Simpsons is a great scorer out of the one position that should provide a spark off of the bench for Washington.

Player Comparison: George Hill

27. Minnesota Timberwolves – Terrence Shannon – Illinois

With Mike Conley continuing to age, the Timberwolves could look at taking his potential replacement with Shannon here. Shannon’s strong scoring ability is well documented. Adding in his speed and strong decision-making and Minnesota already has a spark off of the bench. Naz Reid is great, but Minnesota lacked a true playmaker in the playoff when Anthony Edwards was off the court. Also, imagine a Shannon-Edwards backcourt. Talk about electricity.

Player Comparison: Kelly Oubre

28. Denver Nuggets – DaRon Holmes – Dayton

Holmes was a driving horse behind a really good Dayton team last season. Similar to Nikola Jokic, Holmes can be the ball handler in a pick-and-roll situation. His ability to knock down threes and space the floor should keep the offense moving when Denver’s second unit on the court.

Player Comparison: Taj Gibson

29. Utah Jazz – Ryan Dunn – Virginia

After selecting Devin Carter with the 10th pick of the 2024 NBA Mock Draft, I think Utah can double up here on the defense by taking maybe the best defender in the draft. With Keyonte George, Lauri Markkanen and Jordan Clarkson, the Jazz don’t need much help on offense right away, so drafting a strong wing defender will help to improve that horrible defensive rating from last season.

Player Comparison: Andre Roberson

30. Boston Celtics – Pelle Larson – Arizona

In all honesty, the defending champions don’t really need to make a big splash in the draft here, as it seems that the core is going to stick together for at least another season. Larson is an experienced, high-motor player who contributed to very good Arizona teams the last few years. With a strong shooting ability and improving defense, I can see Larson playing bench minutes for the Celtics in the playoffs next season.

Player Comparison: Grayson Allen

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