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How To Watch 2023 PBR: Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic Anywhere TV Channel

2023 Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic

Considered the toughest sport on planet earth, PBR Unleash the Beast Tour, wrangler long live cowboys classic is underway with all the thrill at Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, California. Featuring the world’s best bull riders going head-to-head against the fiercest bulls on the planet earth in an eight-second, ongoing three-day competition in Sacramento, it has marked the 20th consecutive year that the elite/premier tour has taken place.

The Venue, Date, Start Time, and Streaming

  • Venue: Golden 1 Center, 500 David J Stern Walk, Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Date: February 5, 2023
  • Start Time: 13:45 PST
  • Streams Anywhere: OolaTV

All seeded, exempted, and the riders that recorded a qualification in round one were ridden in round 2 on Sunday, followed by the championship game, featuring the top 12 riders with event aggregate.

2023 Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic Preview:

The riders with the 12 highest two-round scores will progress to the championship, where each rider will ride one more bull. Every championship round at a UTB event features the rider’s draft, unlike long rounds and 15/15 Bucking Battles, which take place by random draws.

Fifty-nine of the best riders in the world competed in round 1 and were split into two groups for the first two of three days of competition.

Jesse Petri won the Round one while Tyler Manor finished second. Current world champion and Jesse Petri’s fellow Andrew Alvidrez came third place, while Aaron Williams secured fourth place.

How To Watch Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic 2023 Live TV Channel

Fans can watch the highly anticipated event through below mentioned live-streaming links and tv channels:

Round 2 Fixtures (Rider vs. Bull):

Section One:

  • Sandro Batista vs. Smooth Steel
  • Kaique vs. Spice
  • Marcus Mast vs. Hank
  • Adriano Salgado vs. Cali’s Dream
  • João Ricardo Vieira vs. Drifter

Section Two:

  • Boudreaux Campbell vs. Crawfish Richard
  • Wyatt Rogers vs. The Punisher
  • Tyler Manor vs. Back Jack
  • Mason Tyler vs. Reba McEntire’s The Hammer
  • Flavio Zivieri vs. WSM’s Time In A Bottle
  • Brady Oleson vs. WSM’s Sun Country

Section Three:

  • Jose Victor Leme vs. Lil Hott
  • Austin Richardson vs. Skeeter Peter
  • Eli Vastbinder vs. The Show
  • Aaron Williams vs. Hell Storm

Section Four:

  • Thiago Salgado vs. Bruised Kitty
  • Wingson Henrique da Silva vs. Crossbru
  • Eduardo Aparecido vs. Time and a Half
  • Rafael dos Santos vs. Rollin’ Stone
  • Colten Fritzlan vs. Cherry Bomb

Section Five:

  • Dener Barbosa vs. Sweet Train
  • Manoelito de Souza Junior vs. Try Me
  • Koltin Hevalow vs. Hail Mary
  • Mauricio Gulla Moreira vs. No Cigar

Section Six:

  • Jess Lockwood vs. Toot Bubbles
  • Casey Roberts vs. Short Circuit
  • Ezekiel Mitchell vs. Hell Right
  • Keyshawn Whitehorse vs. Muscles
  • Chase Outlaw vs. Ho-Pac
  • Rafael Jose de Brito vs. Wild Eyes

Section Seven:

  • Vitor Losnake vs. God Bless America
  • Ramon de Lima vs. Karizma
  • Alvaro Alvarez Aguilar vs. Splash Zone
  • Silvano Alves vs. Empty Glass

Section Eight:

  • Dalton Kasel vs. Hog Wild
  • Kyler Oliver vs. Carlos Danger
  • Andrew Alvidrez vs. Rodeo Thug
  • Dawson Branton vs. War Daddy

Section Nine:

  • Chase Dougherty vs. Gangster Time
  • Cooper Davis vs. Nailed It
  • Jesse Petri vs. Sky High

Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic Leaderboard:

Following is the list of the current top 12 riders in the event:

  1. Jesse Petri – Event Points 28.00 – Aggregate Score 89.75
  2. Tyler Manor – Event Points 18.00 – Aggregate Score 89.00
  3. Andrew Alvidrez – Event Points 17.00 – Aggregate Score 87.25
  4. Aaron Williams – Event Points 16.00 – Aggregate Score 86.75
  5. Mauricio Gulla Moreira – Event Points 15.00 – Aggregate Score 86.50
  6. Jose Victor Leme – Event Points 14.00 – Aggregate Score 85.50
  7. Ramon de Lima – Event Points 13.00 – Aggregate Score 85.00
  8. Cooper Davis – Event Points 12.00 – Aggregate Score 84.75
  9. Sandro Batista – Event Points 11.00 – Aggregate Score 84.00
  10. Keyshawn Whitehorse – Event Points 10.00 – Aggregate Score 83.00
  11. Wingson Henrique de Silva – Event Points 8.50 – Aggregate Score 82.75
  12. Adriano Salgado – Event Points 8.50 – Aggregate Score 82.75
  13. Alvaro Alvarez Aguilar – Event Points 8.00 – Aggregate Score 81.50
  14. Wyatt Rogers – Event Points 8.00 – Aggregate Score 81.00
  15. Marcus Mast – Event Points 7.00 – Aggregate Score 78.50
  16. Brady Oleson – Event Points 0.00 – Aggregate Score 76.50

2023 Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic Tickets:

Fans can enjoy the thrilling event live by purchasing tickets from the official ticketing site, ranging from $30 to $350.

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