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WWE Great Balls of Fire Review

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What Didn’t Work

The Ending of Neville/Tozawa

What happened? The Cruiser-weight Championship match was never going to be the best match on the card, but it was actually doing really well for awhile. Neville came out of the gates dominating Tozawa and looking like a massive heel. Tozawa responded with a high-flying comeback and even hit a senton off the top before Neville rolled out of the ring. But then, the ending ruined it. I’m not upset that the match didn’t end clean, because that made sense to set Tozawa up as more of a challenge for next time. What I did have an issue with was that Neville won with a low blow and a kick to the midsection. Just a normal, not special kick. It seemed like it was a forced finish and let the air out of what had happened before it.


Cut Screen Shows Hawkins, not Balor

When the Ambulance Match between Strowman and Reigns spilled back stage after its conclusion, WWE began a match between Heath Slater and Curt Hawkins at the same time. Now, this was weird and clunky all around. First, Hawkins and Slater were completely ignored during their bout. Second, where was Finn Balor? I’m sure what WWE said was, “We don’t want to put Balor in a match that won’t even be focused on.” But why put anyone in a match there then? Now, fans are upset Hawkins and Slater were ignored, and furious because it seems like WWE chose Hawkins over Balor. Way to go.

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