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New Year’s Resolutions for Every NBA Team in the Eastern Conference

JR Smith

Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Cavaliers

Resolution: Out with the old, in with the new

The Cavaliers are tanking. It is clear as day. However, the Cavaliers would benefit by trading some of the remnants from the LeBron James era. Tristan Thompson should be considered the top priority to trade, given he could yield the best value. The Hornets might be a good trade partner in a deal for Tristan Thompson, so the Cavaliers could shed the $17.5 million contract. Kevin Love, JR Smith and Jordan Clarkson comprise the rest of the top four paid players on the roster, and trading any of them could go a long way for Cleveland.


Detroit Pistons

Resolution: Get an established shooter

The Pistons send out a starting lineup comprised of Reggie Jackson, Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond, which means the three-point game is automatically not going to be prevalent for their offense. Outside of Reggie Bullock, nobody is shooting better than 36% from three-point range. It is clear that if the Pistons want to make the playoffs this year, they need to snag someone to help spread the floor on a consistent basis. JR Smith?


Indiana Pacers

Resolution: Bring Tyreke Evans back to life

Tyreke Evans was a huge addition to the Pacers this offseason, but has yet to live up to the expectations. He has been better as of late, but is still putting up 10.5 points per game and shooting 37.8% from the field in just under 21 minutes per game. If the Pacers want to compete with the top teams in the East, they need a guy who can bolster up the bench unit and provide solid depth to their roster. Whether it is the system of the offense or Evans himself, something needs to change for the 29 year old.

Justise Winslow

Credit: Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

Miami Heat

Resolution: Figure out the offense

The Miami Heat seem to exceed expectations every year as a result of Erik Spoelstra and a scrappy demeanor of the players he coaches. This year, the Heat are 18-19, but score the 25th-most points per game in the entire league. With no players averaging over 20 points per game, the Heat need to find someone who will step up and take over the offense.


Milwaukee Bucks

Resolution: Keep doing what you’re doing

The Bucks have the number one offense and the number two defense in the league this season and sit a half game ahead of the Raptors for the top seed in the East. With Giannis looking like one of if not the MVP this year (depending on who you ask) this team needs to make sure they play consistent basketball and stay healthy.

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