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Christian Potts
I'm a husband, father, writer, mostly failed athlete, pretty fair amateur golfer and fan of good eats. By the glory of God I'm glad to get to be here another day to write words about things.

Before the playoffs I said Cubs-Indians. WRONG. Then just yesterday I told a guy I thought maybe Yankees-Nationals. WRONG AGAIN. So I'm probably ready to curse someone but I will say Cubs-Yankees, which...

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Alright boys, screenshot didn't work right but here is the roster in my money league. 12-team regular scoring, drafted 8th and got Melvin Gordon first. Tear me up! QB - Stafford, Manning RB - Gordon,...

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I could flip a coin on Bell and Johnson. Cardinals look like they will be scrambling this year which could affect DJ's production and Bell is rock solid (when healthy.) I'm just glad we're off this WR...

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Selfishly wanted it to be the Twins' resurgence, but I don't know how they can hold off Cleveland for 162 games.

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